Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on my ride

Haha After MIA for 9 months, Im BACK! haha
There are just so many better and interesting things to do than sitting down writing a post.
These 9 months have been busy and lots of shits.
There wasn't a single day in these 9 months I have the time sitting in front of the computer for more than an hour because of works from uni.
Then during the 3 months summer break, i was working in an archi firm in Miri. I finished working just 1 week before CNY and spent that whole week and another CNY week with all my buddies.
That 2 weeks were FUCKING FUN!!
I will update everything in the past 9 months slowly.

Back to last's year post, my car's new color.

Metal Gun Grey.

and I LOVE IT!!

1st layer

Shining and protective layer

New Tail Light. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on My Ride II

I'm home for about 3 weeks now.
My car is still in workshop
I'm leaving for KL next weekend and hopefully my car can be done by next week
At least let me drive few days before i leave and come back again 4 months later.

My car is 70% done now.
I'll post the final color of my car next week, hopefully!
Cant wait! hehe

I'll let you guys keep wondering!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on my ride!

My car has been sanded.
I'll let you wonder what colour I'm gonna spray.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Winter Break Project

Since Im having winter break now and I have nothing to do, so my next project will be my car.
I know you guys are wondering how did i send my car to the workshop while I'm still in Perth.
Well, thanks to my dad :) hehe

This time round, I'll completely change the look of my car.
I wont tel what Im gonna do.
Just wait for my update mid of July.
Its gonna take around 1 month to do everything.

Owh, poor baby.

My bonnet cutting job is completed!
Im giving a tip, Im installing RS tail lights that require the cutting of my bonnet.

Dents are fixed.

Cant wait to get it done n see how it looks like.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Final Folio

Sunrise is beautiful, isn't it?
Yea, i stayed up everyday just to see the beautiful sunrise.
I've never even seen a sunrise when i was in secondary school, what to say when i was in KL.
But things are different in Uni, especially doing Architecture. Staying up late till morning, seeing sunrise, 3 hours nap in the noon, seeing sunset, and next thing you know, its another sunrise again. But, it doesn't mean i don't like it. Im enjoying every bit of it.

So, there was 1 and a half week for final folio.
It was about designing a Photography Centre to promote arts of photography in Perth and also as an iconic building that could bring life and activities into the site.

I spent 4 days on Autocad drawings to get my plans, sections, elevations and laser cutting layout done. Things might look simple here, but actually its not.

Thank God for laser cutter. Last year i cut and made all my models with my own hand which needed at least 2 days to complete.
But this year, things were done by laser cutter that cuts perfectly in less than half an hour time.
What i need to do was sticking parts together like puzzle.

Again, it looks simple. But I had difficulties too. For example joining and sticking this tiny staircase.
Its impossible for me to cut them without machine.

My working table in one of the tute room

Spray paints for our model

My model was erected at 5.55am.
5 minutes to sunrise

A closer look

The angled roof where solar panels will be placed

At 8.18am, the pool as the roof was done.

Different view

At 10am, i went home for a 3 hours nap.

Window frames as gutters and columns were done at 5.36pm.
Final touch was the blue transparent perspex and was the hardest part.
It took me hours to get them done.

When i finished my model, it was already Tuesday night. I only had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning to finish my drawings which was a bit impossible.
So without wasting time, i started my drawings right after.

My living room, full of rubbish.

Ryan's speakers that kept us awake the whole week.
We blasted songs as if there were no neighbours around.

Living room, where my friends got their rest after doing work in Uni

I did my drawings quite rushly because of the time left.
I was supposed to render most of my drawings but because time passed so fast that just a snap, it was Friday already.
I only managed to render 2 drawings at the very last minute before submission.

Perspective drawings of my design (exterior and interior)

After rendering

All drawings were drawn on A1 size paper which is really huge and hard to deal with.

Plans and Sections

Sustainability design: Summer and Winter sun angle

Reflection of summer and winter sun that creates natural lighting



Natural air ventilation

Piping system

Rendered site plan
Was kinda disappointed because i didn't get to finish rendering them. If i could render it, it could be a better folio.

Final Model on its site

Pool on top


Overall, Im happy with this design, except the rendering part.
So what do you guys think?